Carla Tilghman, owner and lead designer for Lapin Textiles, has been creating quality woven textiles for over a decade. She makes both one-of-a-kind art pieces as well as designing industrially woven production textiles. Click here to read more about Carla.

Works featured here are all uniquely designed wall pieces that spring from a variety of inspirational sources. Aerial photographs of mid-western farmland were the springboard of much of the Landscape series.

The Mapping series examines not only maps but the practice of mapping or keeping track of discrete bits of information.

Jazz, Blues and Serbo-Croatian folkmusic lent motifs and pattern to the works featured in the Music series.
    Lapin Textiles offers several different Services, including custom weaving, designing and interfacing with individual weavers and industrial mills.

Please contact us at 785.550.1286 for more information.

Please see NEW PIECES in the Music series.